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And that I think that thefake-out is going to take place possibly between the 10th February and eh, after all, we're very close to thisparticular, you know, though, when it would be the 11th or 12th. So I presume that which happened sooner almost certainly, you know, involving the ninth and also the 11th is when we all receive out our fake after which we receive our shed.

Thus guys, that's just how I see it playing out. Once again, these various graphs, you know, that they , they do show you distinct, distinct points. This, this, uh, purple ring right here. I see there's a purple line in the fifth channel. This in fact was that fib retracement that I demonstrated you right here. This 1, we get the ideal rejection.

Who was this particular chart? You understand, '' he came right down, you knowthat this line has been support. Each one these graphs, you realize, give you a notion of support. This was support. This has been support and immunity. So this told you that this line proved to be service. This graph right here, which is just the only one that I said when I predicted we were definitely going to have a pump.

You could tell how much a function shown because support and resistance going way backagain. So again, men, you realize, that is how I knew that this was the bottom until we started using a pump, because we're moving that ring. That was lots of help which is the reason why I stated we're going to be more moving up, however, I actually do think this is a fake out men.

This will be , that may be the mum of most fake workouts. It is actually a bull trap. I believe we will secure yourself a topped out right here. Yet another thing I'd like to show you, if you bust outside the, uh, let's move towards the 1 day and let's put about the, uh, I understand you guys are likely shocked to find me, uh, show a shifting average. But pay attention.

I mean, I'm suggesting , no, right back here. Thisis an additional index to reveal me this isthis is a imitation outside and this is when they are going to offer. You realize, if you come up and also you use the average, no more . Below whatsoever, trigger we were above this for a little while. Folks obtained bullets. We had been all above the 200 Mia.

However, look what happened. We dropped directly back . A few people today think just because we're over a moving average that you know, we are in a bull rush, we will go much higher. But in the event that you step , you understand that's, that's 13.8% you step up here, look at this 13.6% so we've been above this, this elevated earlier, also when we shirt out here, I'm telling you, start looking in any respect of this support and resistance, men, this is lots of immunity.